High performance ceramics in mechanical and electrical engineering


DOCERAM offers a wide range of heavy-duty components to include ceramic dowel pins of DIN 6325 and DIN 7979 which are used in various fields. Thus, e.g. assemblies of devices can be positioned accurately or welded assemblies can be held in place in a form-fitting position.

Advantages of ceramics …

… in mechanical engineering:

   extremely hard, bending resistant and impact resistant
   perfect fit
   wear-free / wear-resistant
   temperature stable
   heat-resistant up to 1,000 °C
   chemically resistant
   resistant to material

… in electrical engineering:

   wear-free / wear-resistant
   perfect fit
   frequency neutral
   electrically insulating
   not magnetizable

Application fields of DOCERAM dowel pins

There are numerous applications for cylindrical pins / cylinder pins (also known as alignment pins or standard pins) in mechanical and electrical engineering processes.

Application fields:

positioning for printed circuit boards and entire assemblies
sensors recordings
centering elements for high-low frequency measurements
pre-centering bolt / centering pin
tray / workpiece carrier
crimping tools
dowel pins for welding devices
general wear protection

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About our dowel pins

For the production of our dowel pins we use a particularly high-quality material. Z-101 ceramic is a zirconia that features a specially developed casting process for extreme flexural strength and high hardness.

These dowel pins are extremely resistant to abrasion and thus achieve significantly longer service life than metallic dowel pins or cylindrical pins - even under heavy mechanical load. The high impact resistance means that the pins can even be mounted with a hammer if required.

In automation technology, they are used for positive positioning, for example, gripper jaws and quick coupling elements, and as maintenance-free bearing axes of pivot levers, rollers and gears.

As an extension of the previous product range, DOCERAM offers pull dowel pins in addition to the standard ones.

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