Welding technology

High-performance ceramics are helpful during welding. This is in the form of Cerazur centring pins, gas nozzles, ceramic wire guides and more.

There are numerous use possibilities for components made from high-performance ceramics also in welding technology. It is the case here too that this material’s properties play a pivotal role.

For example, the solid and impact-resistant ceramic welding pins made from our blue Cerazur® ceramic boasts a service life more than 40 times longer compared with parts made from common materials. Further application cases are gas nozzles, gas distributors and ceramic wire guides, preventing the welding wire from becoming jammed in the device. Thanks to a broad palette of products, ranging from standard individual parts through to complex, configurable welding apparatus, DOCERAM uses components made from high-performance ceramics to optimise and rationalise the welding process at various critical points.

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