Testing technology

Six years’ testing without a failure. Which material is up to the challenge?

Each electrical device – from washing machines through to vehicle components – must be tested to ensure that it is functional before it is delivered. In mobile telephone production alone, more than one billion handsets need to be inspected annually. Not only the finished electrical products are tested, rather their individual mechatronic assemblies too. The mechanical wear to which the testing devices are exposed is accordingly high. Particularly the contact pins on common test plugs are worn away very quickly. High-performance ceramics provide a solution here, since they are extremely resistant to wear and breakages.

It is possible that ceramic intakes remain in service for up to six years without a failure. Interruptions, otherwise a daily occurrence due to the wear sustained by conventional intakes, are markedly rare where high-performance ceramics are used. In addition, ceramics insulate electrically and behave electromagnetically neutrally, meaning that they influence neither testing currents nor the sensitive electronic components. Furthermore, hazardous micro-filings as may arise when metallic materials are used, causing short-circuits and other phenomena on PCBs, do not accrue when high-performance ceramics are used.

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