Metal forming

High-performance ceramics in metal forming. After all, hard tasks require even harder tools.

Metal forming, particularly in the field of metal processing, is a production process where tools are exposed to particular stresses. These arise on the one hand from particularly hard materials, such as hot-stamped sheet metals, which lead to premature tool wear as part of mechanical processing. On the other hand, these stresses arise from deposits and adhesions, e.g. from aluminium on steel tools.

When it comes to typical metal forming processes, such as bending, seaming or flanging, components made from high-performance ceramics therefore prove to be the outstanding alternative to common materials in many cases. They are able to boast a service life some 50 times longer than common solutions, due to the fact that they are extremely breakage and wear-resistant, impact-resistant and have low adhesion. This results in secure processes and reduced plant downtime.

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