Mechanical and plant engineering

High-performance ceramics or metal. Which is better?

High-performance ceramics are considered to be an ideal material for certain parts and components in general mechanical and plant engineering. Properties such as hardness, wear resistance, temperature stability, impact strength, abrasion resistance and anti-adhesion effect contribute to seamless production processes. Advancements in materials technology are constantly expanding the application possibilities. It is more and more the case that components made from high-performance ceramics are replacing common materials such as metal.

In this context, the following are examples of products sought after nowadays made from this material: metal forming tools, standard components, wear elements, intakes for inductive processes, bushings, pressure pieces, sliding shoes, hydrocyclones, crucibles, spacers, jigs, grinding balls, supports, bases, protective discs and bearing bushes. As the possibilities have not been anything like fully exploited, there are sure to be exciting new developments in the future.

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