Electrical/electronics industry and mechatronics

Hard and soft. Both of these attributes can be achieved with high-performance ceramics

Tools and components for manufacturing technology in the electrical industry and mechatronics must face up to two significant challenges: high cycle rates and sensitive components. High-performance ceramics can handle this contradiction in terms particularly well. After all, they are very wear-resistant, technically clean and electrically neutral. This latter point is important in the context of such components as PCBs, control devices, wireless keys, switches or sensors.

A further property of this material is electrical and electromagnetic neutrality, enabling it to be used in high-frequency, low-frequency and induction applications. Plastic is otherwise used in such contexts, which is however not even close to being as wear-resistant. DOCERAM manufactures for typical applications in this field fixing pins, end stops, grippers, positioning units, material carrier intakes, equipping nozzles and crimping tools made from various high-performance ceramics.

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