Apparatus construction

High-performance ceramics in apparatus.
Many opportunities, hardly any boundaries.

Apparatus construction as a special aspect of tool making handles the manufacturing of apparatus for processing, handling, testing or assembling workpieces, pre-products or end products using specific work processes such as drilling, welding, fine-tuning, clamping or equipping. These are sequences that need to be reproduced exactly in high volumes to ensure that the processed parts have a consistent quality. Manufacturing apparatus hereby proves to be a complex and cost-intensive process; not least because they can be manufactured often only as individual parts or in small series.

High-performance ceramics are an important ‘all-purpose weapon’ in many situations here. They can withstand extreme chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses, and are therefore ideally suited to parts such as intakes, guides, bearings or fixings. Even standard products such as cylinder, intake and positioning pins, stocked by us in many sizes, can be used particularly creatively in apparatus. There are not many boundaries here, but a multitude of possibilities.

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