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Each industry relies upon custom solutions. Each application has its specific specifications. Therefore, DOCERAM has various teams of technicians and engineers that are fully in the know about the respective processes in an industry. However, that is not enough for us. This is because over and above day-to-day business, we are interested in the standards of tomorrow. In this way, we are continually applying new thinking to create new solutions.


With our ceramic parts and components, we have in our sights the large sectors within mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and its suppliers, welding technology in all its variants, as well as last but not least – owing to our tradition – the textile industry. In addition, we are open to enquiries and suggestions also from other sectors with regard to new technologies.

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With our cross-industry know-how, combined incidentally also with the knowledge on engineering plastics held by our sister company DOTHERM, we are able to develop system solutions not only based on the current demand of an industry, but which actively reflect future standards. Production techniques are becoming more and more demanding; this leads to increased quality of the intermediary materials and end products. The fact that every minute of manufacturing time is precious, it is paramount that components are of a high quality and have a long service life. Ceramic materials make an important contribution in this context. What’s more: their potential is still far from having been fully exploited.

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