Good things come from Dortmund:
high-performance ceramics for industrial applications.

As part of the Dortmund-based Moeschter Group, DOCERAM GmbH handles development and manufacturing of components made from high-performance ceramics. They are used in industrial applications of all types. The main customers are from general mechanical and plant engineering, where such components are used ever increasingly due to their typical properties. Low-wear components with service lives that significantly outperform common metallic materials increase process reliability and minimise risks in production. 



DOCERAM Advanced Ceramic Solutions

Reduced wear from high-performance ceramics.

DOCERAM is working continuously on further exploiting the material properties of high-performance ceramics and making them available to a broad range of users. In the process, the company is in permanent contact with worldwide markets in production and process engineering, as well as numerous OEMs from various industries.


Continuous monitoring of materials and processes.

As a certified company, DOCERAM is committed to high-quality products. Our technicians and engineers continuously work on improvements and on integrating the results of countless tests and our own trials into the finished products. In this way, raw materials become 'engineered materials'.

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